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I know I can extend my VISA once I am in Colombo, do you know if I need a departure ticket within my initial 30 days or is within 3 months?

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There are two things you need to look at, firstly the airline requires you to have a return ticket, the date does not really matter unless you have a "jobsworth" at the airport ticket/Immigration desk. They may make an issue if you have a return ticket over your 30-day visa date. The same will be for the Immigration desk if they ask to see your return ticket.

Secondly, once you are in the country and go to the Immigration Department in Battaramulla they only require a return ticket within your 60 day extension period.

I would say for convenience, get a return within your 90 extension date, and explain your intentions to the airport of extending your stay. They should allow you through.

Your problem may be with the Immigration department in Battaramulla, they can refuse to give you an extension, if they do it is easy to switch your dates.

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Extension of Tourist Visa (ETA)

Foreign nationals seeking extension of their tourist ETA should apply for extensions before the expiry of the ETA. Extensions are usually given in three month blocks and maximum length of tourist visa is for six months.

Document Requirement
a. Completed and signed tourist visa extension application form
b. Passport of the applicant (original)
c. One colour passport size photograph of applicant (size (3.5x 4.5 cm)
d. Proof of financial resources to cover expenses for the extended stay
e. Proof of return air ticket to the country of domicile or a visa to the next country of destination
f. Other supporting documents to justify the request for extension

Note: Depending on the officer you may not get asked for return flight or proof of financial resources. Extension may or may not be granted depending upon the reason for the extension, and whether the Department of Immigration and Emigration is convinced that the applicant does intend to return to his/her country after the stay in Sri Lanka. Always better to adhear to the rules.

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